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29 June 2010 @ 09:39 pm
yup, I fail at titles and cut-title things  

Well, today. An actual post.

Me, and Laura and Nat went and saw Killers today. It was alright, but I swear it was only about ten minutes long, it was over so quickly. It was unbelievable how short it felt. It feels like two hours of my life have been robbed from me ಠ_ಠ

It was a fun day. We went to McDonalds for lunch, but we sat there for at least an hour, I can't believe we didn't get kicked out. It was good. But I wore the most idiotic shoes in the world. I only bought them last Thursday, and they have these little heels, but I thought I'd be fine. They hurt so much, the side-y bits have left massive great lines in my feet ;_;

Oh, um, basically, we bought doughnuts and things too, and pigged out in the cinema, but we arrived at the cinema really early and I wasted an obscene amount of money on a crane machine, they are addictive. Then I wasted even more money on a Princess and the Frog £1 phone-charm machine trying to get Tiana ;A; Why is my life this way

I was so hyper last night, it was ridiculous, and I don't know what it was. I blame on chocolate mini-muffins, but anyway. Actually, I think it's that I've re-discovered my love for Hetalia - there's this comic thing online about Belgium, and the Treaty of London - is that what it's called? Can't remember - and anyway, it is the funniest thing. I woke the house with my sniggering (I bet you the whole world has read this and I'm so late for the party I'm early for another one)~ I'm sad that my hair's now a bit too long to cosplay Belgium, because I never did. I will, but I'll need a haircut. Maybe I'll cosplay fem!Canada whilst my hair's this long.

My summer is off to a weird start. I can't believe anyone would actually read this.