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10 May 2010 @ 08:06 am
I can't believe I screwed up the html in my last post and didn't even notice until now. /brb just deleting the evidence.

→Well, this is my last week at school! My last compulsary week at school. It's scary, but I'm coming back to my school in September, and so are pretty much all of my friends, but still, I'm going to miss the little things, like the girls who sit and chat at the end of the table in Art, or Naomi and Maz, or Ellie Begley who was always kind to me. I'm going to miss them. I might cry on the last day.

→Our actual last day is Monday, where we all get to dress up and try and cause a little panic. I was all up for Hogwart-ising the school, but Harry Potter was deemed as "too much like a school uniform" (;__;) so instead we're doing toys as our theme. I'm going as Polly Pocket, I just have to buy a white t-shirt, and, well, write Polly Pocket on it.

→I need to find a good yearbook photo by Wednesday. I might just take one with my webcam, or else get my dad to take one. I could use a wedding photo, but I don't think I look like me in those photos. Urghhhh, I don't know.

→So study leave starts next Tuesday, as do the big scary EXAMS. I'd like to say I'll be away due to studying, but somehow I don't think so XD I'm not worried, I just think I'll enjoy having full days to study. I think I'll be more motivated.

→I think I mentioned we're going to Thorpe Park, in June? Well, Helen decided she wants us to do in costume, and I'm quite pleased at which costume I drew. I'm being a cowgirl, which suits me, and it's pretty easy, and I'll just make it cute, whereas Helen is a police woman, Nat's an army girl, and Laura's a sailor. It should be a fun day, anyway.

→I want this summer to be fun. I want to have picnics down at the river and go shopping and go to Chinatown, I want to have a great birthday and have fun in Turkey and visit Disneyland Paris and blow all my birthday money there. I can't wait ♥

Katrainbowishes on May 10th, 2010 02:08 pm (UTC)
YAY Disneyland Paris ! ♥
I'm sure you'll have an incredible amount of fun there (and watch out for your money XD. Everything's really expensive. For example, I bought my Donald Duck fluff 20€!)

I completely understand how you feel about leaving school; it's exciting yet sad. And I hope everything goes well with your exams :)
startingfromnow: ariel angststartingfromnow on May 12th, 2010 05:23 pm (UTC)
I'm so excited! I want to plan the trip really well, so we don't get too badly caught in queues or anything? Any tips? I'm going to spend all my birthday money there, I want to make the most of it :3

Thank you very much! Only three more days, it's a bit scary >.